/ inhalable-forest-bar

Vienna Design Week >>
by pavillon_35 >>
(Kristin Weissenberger, Moya Hoke >> and Günter Seyfried >>)
in collaboration with St. Charles Pharmacy >>
Foto@ Kramar/Kollektiv Fischka
Vienna, 2017

Alexander Ehrmann ( St. Charles Pharmacy ), Richard Eigner (Ritornell), Christoph Fink und Christian Mezera (Einsundeinsdeluxe) und Hubert Peter (rien), Elisabeth Breidenbruch (Spagyrik), Hubert Peter (Barmann), Paul Stempberger (technical assistance for the woodturning).

Waldinhalierbar (forest inhalation bar) was a temporary smoking or more specifically a vapour room. In a quiet and ceremonial atmosphere specially developed vapour liquids where provided in inhalators produced by pavillon_35. The visitors where invited to follow a small ritus which included a drink and a small forest-biscuit. Our main questions with this project where how different forms of a social spaces can change the way we communicate or what we exchange and about the role of social rituals in a world of self-optimization.