L’esprit micro
- microfluidic enhanced body experience

Happening & Installation
together with Maya Minder >> 

Notgalerie Seestadt >>
Fotos@ Teresa Novotny >>
Vienna, 2017

The happening or participative installation was developed together with the swiss performer and artist Maya Minder whose work often involves cooking, fermenting and the workshop as an artistic format.  Bringing our work together evoked a discourse about the dichotomy of man-made/nature-made and post-capitalist visions of community. The result was a holistic experience with performative and sculptural qualities, where the visitor became a probing and part of an experimental setup itself. Main elements of the installation have been table-cloths made from Kombucha-leather, which we cultured in inflatable paddling pools over the summer. The guests were invited to participate in the distillation process of a “scent of the moment” and to join the cooking performance and following banquet. They were offered to smell, taste or smoke different essences, liquids or food to get into an energised mood or spin for an open discussion and exchange of knowledge.