Dissipation Factors remain stable

a project for the group exhibition

in collaboration with Günter Seyfried >> 


Photos@ Günter Seyfried

Vienna, 2020

Sound- and Media-Installation
Ceramics, Mobile Phone, Loudspeaker & Sound-Equipment, 3D-Print, Metal, Wood, Acrylic Glass

The exhibition format Tombola is an experiment, a stroke of luck, a lottery. Artists are invited to take part in an experiment. A lottery is played on the theme and medium of a new work to be created.

The lottery tickets fell on mp3, in the technology category, and on "Maschinensturm" (Swing Riots /Luddism), in the theme category.
The mp3 format irreversibly changed the way people deal with music, shook its distribution and trade to its very foundations and is a symbolic reminder of the digital transformation of everyday life and the resulting penetration and reorganization of social contexts.
In the installation, the object-like utopian materialism of the "Maschinenstürmer" and an immaterial digital sound loop interact with an entropic progression.