Fluidic Remembrane 
installation & performance
Notgalerie Seestadt, Vienna
Fotocredit: Günter Seyfried         

Fluidic Remembrane is an action and spatial installation based on the olfactory and sculptural mapping of the meadow and social space surrounding the Notgalerie.
Fluidic Remembrane is a sensual field of situative, vibrant matter and is an additional part of an open series which aims to fathom the agency of objects and material.

Fluidic Remembrane includes the extraction of a smellable fluidic supplement to boost remembrance and reuses and reshapes elements of the happening L’Esprit micro, which took place at the Notgalerie in 2017.

Kombucha - leather ( bacterial cellulose), dried and laquered with  shellac,  linen,  textile waste,  plastic tubes,  ceramic beer & PET - bottles, funnels and jugs ( all Stoneware)-  covered with a glaze from magnesium carbonate,  ceramic plants and bells ( stoneware),  destille,  plants found on the meadow around the Notgalerie, mainly  yarrows,  thistles,  johannis herbs, destilled into a smelling  hydrolate, artist table for plein-air painting,  electric cooker,  mask from packaging cardboard,  microphone,  song,  lights