Kristin Weissenberger uses ceramics, as well as digital and biological media to examine the role of man-made objects. In her artistic practise she explores epistemic possibilities in an all overflowing presence of things and asks how we relate to them. As main formal elements she uses confrontation, juxtaposition and assemblage of forms, materials, subjects, functions and production methods.

In various collaborative and participative projects, she examines processes of collective form-production and asks about the individuals’ scope of action. Her work is an artistic contribution in an obscured world of abundance.


Kristin Weissenberger studied Art History in Vienna and graduated with distinction at the University of applied Arts Vienna in the department of scenography (MA). During her studies she started a visual art practice focussing on spatial installations and sculpture. After her diploma she worked as a stage designer in theatre projects and also as exhibition designer for a large Austrian jewellery company. In this time her work- experience consisted mainly of designing, producing, operating and exhibiting myriads of things, objects from props to products. As she was nearly stopping her art practise at that time, this experience led her to the desire to question all those objects on a general level. 

Weissenberger’s works have been presented e.g. at Vienna Fair, GPL Contemporary Vienna, Alma Gallery Riga, Vienna Design Week, Click Festival Helsingör or the Styrian Art Gallery Köflach. She had solo-exhibitions in various Artist-run-spaces in Vienna e.g. Notgalerie, LLLLLLI or the Schneiderei. She participated in group-shows e.g. Beirut Design Week, Parallel Vienna or at Heiligenkreuzerhof Vienna.

As an active member of the art-society pavillon_35, she works on interdisciplinary, cross-media projects, in the field of art and science.

studio adress: Jägerstrasse 56, A-1200 Wien

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