Gemeine Gestalten
styrian art Gallery Köflach

curated by Heinz Bozcic, START-styrian art
Fotocredit: kw

For this ceramic object-series I expanded an idea which started in the previous project Shapeware. There I started the development of an artistic experimental system, a library of forms, more precisely holders and connections. For Gemeine Gestalten I expanded it into a set-up of 60 shapes, which worked as a base for new object – conglomerates, assemblages or collages of forms, materials, subjects and functions.

This defined scope helped to examine and abstract from the meaning and relations to objects and their alleged usefulness. Multitasking and Multifunctioning, as fundamental elements of modern societies, get investigated in a critical yet humorous way.

The 60 single forms have been presented for usage and further interpretation within an object table. Guests were invited to contribute their own designs and install them on a rope, which went through all 4 exhibition rooms.

Schiff und Ozean zugleich/
Vage Umrisse am Horizont /
Gestalten dort und hier/
Kein Gedanke, keine Debatte,kein Tun ist, kein Traum ist je/
Welche Gestalt kommt von dir?/
Vernunft, Beweis und Test /
Unvernunft,  Beweis und Test/Die Formen formen, /
Formen formen wir/