Es kann immer auch anders sein
GPL Contemporary Vienna
part of the group exhibition Nature animee#2

curated by pavillon_35
Fotocredit: Stefan iesinger

A group exhibition with
Sonja Bäumel, Moya Hoke,Günter Seyfried / Roland van Dierendonck /Hansjörg Petschko / Federico Muffatto, Uwe Sleytr, Kristin Weissenberger

I developed this usable installation as spatial set-up for the symposium and workshop program accompanying the art & science exhibition Nature animee#2. It is based on an especially created system of ceramics, whose aesthetical and functional language originated of mixing lab- with kitchen-dishes. The usable installation aims to mix different aesthetics and materials. The ceramics should take a pivotal function in commingling privat – social with artistic – scientific atmospheres.

The ceramic objects were developed based on digital processes, so they showed the grooves of the 3D-prints which were used to create the ceramic moulds.  The objects where sometimes filled with living cultures of microorganisms such as yeast or glowing bacteria and blended manual, digital and biological technology with kitchen-, lab- and social activities. The installation was created to be a utopian construction, which should foster community-based creativity and speculation.

soil, workshop by vanesa lorenzo

estrogen urine extraction, workshop by mary maggic