CATCH, Click Festival, Helsingør
Project by Günter Seyfried, Doris Roth & Kristin Weissenberger curated by Majken Overgaard

Ardourino is a speculation about a future pleasure object, which works for all bodies and genders. The body will be covered with a warm, slimy, creamy substance, which is able to move (vibrate). The vibration will be caused by hot ceramic objects. The heat will produce a chemical reaction in the gel. The experience is temporary, lasting as long as the ceramic spheres continue to give off heat. The preparation for the reaction should be seen as a personal ritual. A possible material for this would be a smart hydrogel, a new bio-material used also to grow organs in biotechnological labs. A second approach involes the use of muscle cells embedded in the hydrogel that contract and functions as an exo-muscule.

Ardourino has been published in the paper “From sex toys to pleasure objects”.